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A film by Carlos Porto de Andrade Jr.

Moments before a father’s death, all of his family memories are transferred to his son through a dream. This story is told in parallel with an investigation by two cousins who are writing a book about the family. All that is left are fragmented evidences, destroyed photos and the oral history. The narrative develops a different visual language to guide us through this saga about an unusual family made up of contradictory versions.
The ancestor, an Englishman living at the end of the 18th century, arrives in Brazil and gets married to a Portuguese lady, owner of an extensive piece of land. Their heirs will become the protagonists in this history of conflicts, legends and mysteries.
Love will lead to death but the supernatural will inspire love again.

Primavera is an independent feature film directed by Carlos Porto de Andrade Junior that presents an unusual language for Brazilian film productions.
The cast is composed of actors already enshrined in theater, film or television, within and outside Brazil: Ana Paula Arósio, Ruth de Souza, Marilia Gabriela, Ruth Escobar, Werner Schünemann, Emilio di Biasi, Nelson Baskerville, Jairo Mattos, Lucia Romano, Déborah Duboc, Isadora de Faria and many more.
Filmed in Super 16mm, the film uses archive footage, photographs and materials in the public domain to fill in fragments of memory that have no historical record. This heredity story reveals a poem of love, hate, passion, violence and reconciliation.


Ruth de Souza, Ana Paula Arósio, Ruth Escobar, Marília Gabriela, Caco Ciocler, Werner Schunemann, Carlos Casagrande, Emílio Di Biasi, Walter Breda, Luis Guilherme, Bete Dorgam, Débora Duboc, Jairo Mattos, Nelson Baskerville, Emanuel Piñero, Ricardo Ripa, Felipe Kanemberg, Lúcia Romano, Emmílio Moreira, Renata Imbriani, Alexandre Barros, Lui Strassburger, Phil Miler, Martha Mellinger, André Fusko, José Roberto Jardim, Rejane Arruda, Rafaela Puopolo, Rosa Berger, Lavinia Lorenzon, Cris Peron, Mauro de Almeida, Paulo Contier, Patrícia Vilela, Carlos Capeletti, Eliana Guttman, Liz Reis, Giulio Lopes, Grupo Linhas Aéreas.


Production: Notábile Filmes
Director: Carlos Porto de Andrade Jr.
Exec. Producer: Ricardo Homuth
Assist Director: Helena Cunha Bueno
Cinematography: Rinaldo Martinucci
Art Director: Aby Cohen
Music: Eduardo Queiroz
Editing and Post: Emerson de Lucca Brandt

Music: Eduardo Queiroz

Production Director: Kim Teixeira Jr; Scenography: Lee Dawkins; Assistant Scenographer: Renato Rebouças; Costume Designer Assitant: José Cavalhero; Cast: Bri Fiocca, Juliana Fiocca e Nina Rossi; Exec. Production Assistant: Anabel Zamonel; Legal Advice: Arnaldo Vuolo e Fabiana Ferreira; Dubbing Studio: Ritmika Audio Arts; Dubbing Director: André D’Ávila;  Adicional Music: Felipe Alexandre e Guilherme Rios; Sound Mix: Estúdio JLS; Re-recording Mixer: Toco Cerqueira; Operational Technician: Daniel Sasso; First Camera Assistant: Humberto Bassanelli; Second Camera Assistant: Fabiano Pierri; Video Assist Operator: Gabriel Cunha; Electrician: Silvio Ferreira; Electrician Assistant: Xuxa; Machinist: Tony Delboni; Machinist Assistant: Rodrigo “B.O.”; Production Crew: Adriana de Lima, Jennifer Gan, Carlos Eduardo Glueck; Image Cataloging: Andre Hendges; Characterization Creation: Westerley Dornellas; Characterization Execution: Marcos Ribeiro e Christian Mourelhe.

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